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As we all know, marijuana has been one of the most controversial subjects in the last half-century. There have been generations yearning for legalization. But of course, opposing are beliefs in congress trying to put the breaks on countrywide recreational cannabis.

There are currently thirty states that have some sort of “medical allowance” around medical marijuana, including the District of Columbia. Eight states along California, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Colorado, Massachusetts, D.C, and Maine
have completely lifted the restrictions on good ole Mary Jane and have become recreational.

The buzz is going as states work on getting new laws passed to support the green. On January 1 st , 2018 California had the lines out the doors for the first day of recreational cannabis sales. Maine was legalized in 2016, but still have not yet got a
license for marijuana growers and retailers. Maine’s governor Paul Lepage vetoed a bill earlier this year that would have established a legal basis to sell the drug.

The majority of our countries beautiful fifty states have some kind of legalization on weed. Other states also have decriminalized the possession of small amounts of marijuana. Did you know that West Virginia, Louisiana and a few other
states only allow the transaction of cannabis-infused commodities like oils and topical applications? With some states stricter than others, and with different governors in each state with different opinions, the hunt for nationwide legalization is still miles away.

Natural Wellness Health Clinics provide qualified patients a recommendation to obtain a State of Florida medical cannabis card.