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Countless amounts of pharmaceutical drugs are supplied to treat mental health problems, and disorders around the globe when there are natural medicines that are better for the body and mind, without negatively affecting their health. CBD, (Cannabidiol) was first discovered in the early 1940’s, around twenty years before THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) was discovered. Both are cannabinoids found in the Hemp Plant.

CBD has been since used as a natural anti-anxiety, as well as a natural inflammatory. CBD has also been used in the last decade as a highly effective way at calming down and stopping seizures in animals, kids, and adults. CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, which therefore allows you to become medicated without intoxication. Lelah and Jade Jerger from Indiana has a two-year-old daughter who suffers from severe epilepsy. Her seizures ranked up to thirty a day. “Every time she has a seizure, to me it’s like seeing a part of her slip away”, exclaimed her father. Lelah and Jade tried a drug approved by the food and drug administration, but unfortunately did not work. The frantic family turned to CBD oil, which was known to help epilepsy. The parents exclaimed the effects were almost instant, as that within a week of treatment the majority of seizures has gone away.

CBD has been cultivated into our society through an array of products ranging from edibles, rubs, and ointments, to vapes, and salad dressings. Many states still have medical restriction on marijuana as it is still looked at as a Class 1 Drug and not a medicine for the future.

Can CBD be cultivated into our society and viewed as a medical supplement, breaking the stereotype of a “drug”?