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  1. Thai– Thai is native to Thailand. It is a pure Sativa that smells like citrus. Thai was brought to America in the 1970’s, (when a lot of strains were being smuggled). Thai has been a favorite strain to many and has also produced Haze and Juicy Fruit.
  2. Aceh– Aceh is another pure Sativa, this time native to Indonesia. Aceh, also called “Atjeh” provides a perfect head high while tasting like citrus and mango.
  3. Nepalese– The Nepalese strains that come from Nepal are very popular for having strong sedative effects. Most Nepalese stains tend to give euphoria along with an Indica body high. These strains are known for having very pungent odors.
  4. Hindu Kush– Hindu Kush is a strain that has been cultivated for thousands of years. It originates between modern-day Afghanistan and Pakistan. This baby is a pure Indica that is known for having beautiful trichomes.
  5. Afghani– Afghani is one of the oldest strains to date originating from Afghanistan. This is another pure Indica that comes with wonderful smells of pine and citrus. Afghani is known for having a high yield of resin.


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